Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Tools I Wish I Had Known about on Day 1

Trigger Point Therapy Workbook

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The Original Backnobber

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The Original Jacknobber II

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Tools to Get Relief from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Below is a list of tools and other resources that are beneficial to those with TOS. As you can see the primary focus is on trigger point therapy tools, as those are the ones I found to be the most effective in treating pain in various parts of the body.



You don't have to get all three books, but it's worth it to at least try one of them out. The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook is your best starting point, as the book is easy to read and is very highly rated.

Self-Treatment Tools

Try the Backnobber or the Thera Cane as your "go-to" tools and expand from there. You'll want to get a handheld massage tool like the Jacknobber and a foam roller as well. The foam roller is great for working your entire back at once and it's got the added benefit of being easily used to massage other body parts easily.

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